A world-class manufacturer of positive displacement technology metering solutions and control valves for liquid transfer applications in the energy industry.
A world class manufacturer of positive displacement technology metering solutions and control valves for liquid transfer applications in the energy industry.


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Offshore Production Platform Litering Platform FPSO – Floating Production Storage Offshore Crude Oil Production.


LNG Loading/Unloading Terminal Tanker Loading Terminal Hub Terminal Long Distance Crude Transportation Pipeline Bulk Test Separation Unit Test Separator.


LACT – Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Liquid Crude Refinery Bulk Plant LPG Loading Biodiesel/Ethanol Fuel Lube Oil Packaging Barge/Tanker Fueling/Offloading Terminal Rail Refueling & Terminal Long Distance Refined Products Pipeline Aviation Tank Truck Home Delivery Marketing Terminal.

Birotor Plus

The most accurate meter available.
Electronic Output.

Available in 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″
The BiRotor Plus is the industry leading positive displace-ment meter in accuracy (+/-.075%) and repeatability ( +/- .01%). Applied in custody transfer of biofuels and refined products, the BiRotor Plus provides amazing results in any of its variations from 2″ to 6″, saving operators in their total cost of ownership.

Birotor Plus for aviation

Electronic Output

Available in 4″, 6″
The BiRotor Plus is the industry leading positive displacement meter in accuracy (+/-.075%) and repeatability (+/- .01%). Applied in custody transfer of aviation fuels, the nonferrous BiRotor Plus provides amazing results in either of its variations of a 4″ or 6″, providing operators with a compact, lightweight design capable of vertical or horizontal mounting & extremely low pressure drop.

Packaged Systems

Brodie offers a variety of engineered, fabricated, packaged systems, combining meters and valves with various electronics.

Typical of these are:
• Truck Unloading Skids
• Master Meter Carts
• Blending Skids for Biofuels


Aviation Fueling

Aviation Fuel requires very careful handling, in order to ensure cleanliness of product (no particulate matter) and the complete absence of water, which could lead to corrosion of line equipment, as well as the possibility of water contamination within the aircraft fuel tanks. These requirements apply equally to Aviation Turbine Kerosene and High Octane Aviation Gasoline. Brodie manufactures a range of Aviation refueling meters, which are fabricated from non-ferrous metals (primarily aluminum) to ensure that there is no chance of any corrosion taking place inside the meter body. Meters can be supplied either with standard flanges or Victaulic couplings. Mechanical or electronic readouts can be provided, electronic now being favored, although mechanical meters are still in use on a global basis.


Bitumen Metering

Bitumen (Asphalt) needs to be handled at elevated temperatures to prevent solidification, but when molten, is easily handled by a BiRotor meter equipped for high temperature operation.


Liquid Sulphur Metering

High sulfur crude oil and natural gas normally needs to be treated (sweetened) prior to shipment, and certainly before selling. This results in large quantities of Sulphur being produced at desulfurizing plants. Sulphur is a valuable product on the world market, being used in the vulcanization of rubber, the production of sulfuric acid, etc.
The BiRotor meter is the ideal solution for metering of liquid sulphur, at elevated temperatures, at the point of onward shipment.

Control Valves

The Brodie Control Valve is a piston actuated, hydraulically operated valve featuring a two-piece, ‘AP’ (Aggressive Products) cylinder, characterized ports, and an optional position indicator. Pilots and other optional accessories enable the valve to perform a variety of control functions such as:

Birotor P-Style

Electronic Output

Available in 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″
The BiRotor PD Meter is the unit to use when a pulse only output is required like on crude pipelines, off-shore platforms and other similar situations. It is available from 3″ to 16″ sizes in 150#, 300#, and 600# RF ANSI Pressure Classes, with Dual Pulse Transmitter 90° electrically out of Phase.

Oval Gear Flowmeter

Electronic & Mechanical Output

Available in 11/2″ – 3″
The Brodie Oval Gear Flowmeters are positive displacement meters predominately used in the industrial, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries. These highly accurate meters are virtually unaffected by changes in viscosity and maintain precision accuracy even when handling low viscosity products at low flow rates or high viscosities up to 1,000,000 cP. The Oval Gear Meter’s 3-piece design allows for easy service and maintenance. The all stainless-steel construction lends itself toward aggressive products. The Brodie Oval Gear Flowmeter is available in both Electronic and Mechanical output, and 150# and 300# ANSI.

Cyclone Meter

Mechanical Output

Available in 2″
The Cyclone Meter is a 2”, single case, positive displacement meter designed for the high-speed measurement of petroleum products. Its simple design utilizes the rotating crescent principle of operation which allows for high accuracy performance that exceeds requirements found in aircraft refueling, bulk plants, tank truck, and general petroleum applications.


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